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 RC Boats UK      

Price List from May 2017

          07977 302696  9 - 5:00 Mon,Tue (Closed Weds) Thurs,–Fri  Sat 9-12    www.rclasers.com             email: robert@rclasers.com  

(Four sail rig -bag normal price £59.50 is discounted to £49-50 with a new  boat package purchase )

( Our boat packages including rigs have been pre-assembled and checked prior to packing and dispatch : just put the rigs together fit the batteries . Depending on spec 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver fitted and already linked)

RC Laser New Boat Options 

We carry new boats in stock but there has been some occasional shortage of boats and spares recently mainly due to the increased popularity of the RC Laser in Europe taking the licensed importers  European stock in substantial numbers so all prices are subject to availability . All packages include the blue carry bag, stand and 2.4ghz radio fitted and tested prior to dispatch. Boats are supplied ex batteries with an AA 4 cell battery holder. Transmitter units take 8 AA batteries. Batteries can be standard or re-chargeable. A free neck-strap and small spares pack is included along with re-rigging instructions etc.. 

Dyneema upgrade lines are fitted as standard to the winch and out-hauls. 

Postage and packing to a UK postcode is generally £25-00 (it can be less if there is a suitable depot collection depot near you) 

We can fit flat pack batteries with a switch upgrade and price a charger in usually included as a quote option. 

Boat Packages including Blue Bag currently not available waiting for blue carry bags.

We have an alternative option with a different boat bag and seperate rig bag at a similar cost

to the package prices. Contact  robert@rclasers.com 

We regret we are no longer suppling complete boat packages and masts outside the UK due to changes in transport costs

We will continue to supply small spares and rig bags into the European Unionon an individual quote basis. 

RC LASER(RC 01) Complete boat, (ex batts) ready to sail with 

B standard Rig ---------------------------------------------------------------------- £459 -00 ex del 

RC LASER(RC 02A) Complete boat, (ex batts) ready to sail with

B and C Sails, B (standard Mast and A/B (Long) and C/D (short) booms :-£519-00 ex del

(One mast ,two booms) 

RC LASER(RC 02B) Complete boat, (ex batts) ready to sail with

 A and B Sails , A and B  Masts and A/B Boom(one boom):- --------------- £ 539-00 ex del 

RC LASER(RC 03) Complete boat,(ex batts) ready to sail with

full A, B and C  Rigs (three masts ,booms and sails) ------------------------- £649-00 ex del 

RC LASER(RC 04) Complete boat,(ex batts) ready to sail with 

full A, B, C and D  Rigs (four masts booms and sails) D sails currently 

unavailable pending delivery into the UK we can provide the package 

without the D Sail and send it on payment for D sail when delivered----  £729-00 ex del  NB See Note re D Sails Del


Downhaul Options New Boats (Prices apply to New boat packages only)

RC 02 to A,B and C rigs 6 slides, quick release clips and Dyneema included.   -  Add £12-00

RCO3 to A,B,C and D Rigs 8 slides, quick release clips and Dyneema included.- Add £16-00

We do have from time to time ex demo boats and special packages that are at lower cost

We can also price boat only one rig package without radio etc.. email Robert

RC Laser Spares

Prices at
 A sail  (Just run out due in early next week) £49-00
 B sail  £45-00
 C sail  £45-00
 D sail currently out of stock pending delivery into the UK
Due in later next week early the following 
 A rig complete inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage
(Just run out of A sails due in early next week)
 B rig complete inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage £94-50
 C rig complete inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage   £94-50
 D rig complete : inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage: not available
D sail currently out of stock pending delivery into the UK
Due in later next week early the following 
 A Mast      £35-00
 Standard Mast B,C &D  
(We have some new slight seconds masts at £19-99 gooseneck position has been moved leaves some slight scarring between deck and gooseneck not in the rotational area these are really good value usually snapped up by the local club sailors limited stock just 3 left) 
 Standard Boom (A/B)      (Boom only no slides) £10-00
 Standard Boom (A/B)      (with 3 No new style slides) £15-50
 C/D Boom                        (Boom only no slides)  £10-00
 C/D Boom                        (with 3 No new style slides) £15-50
New Spec Boom Slides £2-00 ea

 Plastic cover for lead (Pair) £7-00
 Rudder blade  £14-00
 Pot lid  ( replacement red after market version fits very well) £2.00
 Rudder tiller arm (top rudder fitting that blade locks into) £4.25
 Rudder tiller arm pivot only. £1-75
 Rudder tiller arm and pivot  £5-50
 Rudder under hull pivot £2.00
 Rudder Servo Arm  £3-50
 Official Laser steering control rods (pr) £9-00
 Bow pulley and shroud ex screws £6.00
 Bow Bumper c/w screws (subject to availability) £9.99
 Switch (2 pin standard) £2.95
 Switch (3 Pin Futaba connection) £3-65
 Switch Cover (White flexible) £3.50
.Mast Tube £10.00
 Restocked bulk purchase incredible price including delivery while stock lasts
Transmitter mitt Navy Blue Zip Bottom ,neck-strap ,viewing window ,aerial hole special price including delivery 
Purchase 2 for just £19-75 incl delivery
Please ask for price for larger numbers Club price.email robert @rclasers.com
Depending on the parcel overall weight if you order fittings with a Mitt then there may be no additional postal charge for the fittings/spares delivery (Masts , Booms will not fit in the mitt parcel)   

(1 No)

(2 No)
 Andrew George Clear plastic TX Mitt (to order) £11.00
 RC Boats UK (Andrew George  design) Fin Boot (to order) £12.00
 RC Boats UK -- Rig Bag  Updated Version 2  : 3 envelope (to order) 
 includes free P/P to UK mainland.  (Current delivery 8 working days) no price increase

 RC Boats UK--  Rig Bag Updated Version 2 :  4 envelope (to order) 
 includes free P/P to UK mainland
.  (Current delivery 8 working days) no price increase  

 Blue Official RC Laser Boat Bag ( Ordered in check availability)
Currently not avail Del due November

 Quick release rigging Clips (hooks) pack of 10 (polished s/s finish) £2.00
 Plastic Beads pack of 10 £1.50
 Plastic Bridge (winch drum protection) £4.50
 Control line  per 5 metres 90 lb Dyneema  (Red) £2.00
 Servo Locking Levers £1-50
 Replacement Control line kit c/w instructions £11-75
 Official RC Laser Boat Stand£30-00
 Marine grade replacement screw sets shortly available 

                                                                                                                      Postage and packaging

E.mail  robert@rclasers.com with you requirements for a fixed price including delivery.

Delivery costs for small items for urgent delivery e.g rudder blades, steering rods, tiller arms etc..

are generally just £1.95 max depending on weight. 


Servos, Tx and Rx or any other requirement not listed please contact me


Prices subject to change without notice - Payment Terms, Bank transfer, cheque or cash on collection.

RC Boats UK is a trading name of Business Advice UK


Vat not applicable 

Contact:  Robert
E.mail:    robert@rclasers.com
Phone:    07977 302696

RC Boats UK      
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