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Robert has Semi-Retired Specialist repairs ,refurbs and rig bags are still available to order 

see home page a clearance page will be sorted out shortly 2 in menu.

FOR RC Laser Spare Parts supply please contact Soch Sails (Based in Abersoch(Tim Long ) who have an online RC Laser Spares ordering service and are currently well stocked with new boats and spares.(Google Soch sails)

We are able to supply the following new packages but will be checking stock availability pre confirming your quote. 

We put current offers on the home page that offer very good value while available. We may be putting together some more of these shortly.

New Boats Packages check stock : all come with Radio, Blue Bag ,Official RC Laser Stand (Option without radio.)

Boat Packages (NB all subject to availability)

We will no longer be supplying boat packages to order but boats will be prepared as completed

and advertised on this and the home page pending retirement, rig bags will be supplied as previously.

NB Our RC Lasers are fitted with a Hitec Winch and Rudder Servo

RC Laser Spares
  -  Defines out of stock

Please email re checking availability

Prices at
October 19
 A sail                                                      Out of Stock                                              £49-00
 B sail                                             Check availability                                              £45-00
 C sail                                                         Out of stock £45-00
 D sail                                                         Out of stock £45-00
Re Rigs we are low on boom slides and some booms but will quote on what we have should be OK at present.

A rig complete inc
  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage
Special A rig complete inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage ,
Made up with non-shiny boom 3 slides (A sails due in week comm 15th Oct)


B rig complete inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage
Special Made up with non-shiny boom until new boom stock arrives Check availability
   Check availability some special offers may be available
C rig complete inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage
SpecialMade up with non-shiny boom until new boom stock arrives 
Out of stock
D rig complete : inc  mast, boom, sail, 3 slides, cordage:
SpecialMade up with non-shiny boom until new boom stock arrives 
Out of stock

A Mast                               Please check availability in stock           £35-00
Standard Mast B,C &D    Please check availability in stock

Standard Mast New Gooseneck moved  Specials very good value 

Booms with slides out of stock
Standard Boom (A/B)
  (Boom only no slides)      

Standard Boom (A/B) (with 3 No new style slides) Boom may be quoted with original slides

   Standard (Non-shiny) Boom (A/B)   (with 3 No new style slides)

Short  Boom (C/D) (Boom only no slides)            
 C/D Boom             (with 3 No new style slides)     

   Standard (Non-shiny) Boom (C/D)  (with 3 No new style slides) 


Latest Spec Boom Slides   out of stock   Due in next week

£2-00 ea
Downhaul kit  2 Boom slides,Quick release clip, Dyneema out of stock
Plastic cover for lead (Pair)                              £7-00
 Rudder blade    out of stock             £14-00
 Pot lid  ( replacement red after market version fits very well)
 Pot Lid (Seem to get lost easily so a pack of three might be needed)
£2.00 (1 No)
£5-00 (
3 No)
 Rudder tiller arm (top rudder fitting that blade locks into)     £4.25
 Rudder tiller arm pivot only    £1-75
 Rudder tiller arm and pivot      £5-50
 Rudder under hull pivot £2.00
 Rudder Servo Arm   Out of stock  ?? Check availabiliy £3-50
 Official Laser steering control rods (pr) £9-00
 Bow pulley and shroud ex screws £6.00
 Bow Bumper c/w screws )         out of stock                                         £11-25
 Switch (2 pin standard) £2.95
 Switch (3 Pin Futaba connection)  £3-65
 Switch Cover (White flexible)Check availability £3.50
.RUDDER SERVO offer  £9-50
Transmitter mitt Navy Blue Zip Bottom ,neck-strap ,viewing window ,aerial hole 
Prices include delivery incl delivery
Please ask for price for larger numbers Club robert

(1 No)

(2 No)

 RC Boats UK (Andrew George  design) Fin Boot (to order) £12.00
RC Boats UK -- Rig Bag  Updated Version 2  : 3 envelope (to order) 
 includes free P/P to UK mainland.  (Current delivery 10 working days) Please check delivery before ordering. Limited time offer at present until 30.11.10

£48-00 offer
RC Boats UK--  Rig Bag Updated Version 2 :  4 envelope (to order) 
 includes free P/P to UK mainland
.  (Current delivery 10 working days) 
Please check delivery before ordering.Limited time offer at present until 30.11.10

£56-00 offer

 Quick release rigging Clips (hooks) pack of 10 (polished s/s finish) £2.00
 Plastic Beads pack of 10 £1.50
 Plastic Bridge (winch drum protection) £4.50
 Winch Drum  (Black only look good) £2-50
 Servo Locking Levers £1-50
 Replacement Control line kit c/w instructions £14-25
 Control line  per 5 metres 90 lb Dyneema(P-Blue) or100 lb (yellow) £2-00
Replacement screw sets Standards screws marine ( longer screws and washers for bow bumper high grade SS from a marine supplier) (these will be marine rated again as soon as new stock comes in)
Includes, 4 Bow pulley screws (2 st 2 longer for Bow B) 2 SS washers
2 Winch /Bridge screws, Rudder Arm screw. Out of stockwill be making up more . 


                                                                                                                      + Postage and packaging

E.mail with you requirements for a fixed price including delivery.

Delivery costs for small items for urgent delivery e.g rudder blade, steering rods, tiller arms etc..

are generally just £1.75 to £3-50 depending on weight and parcel thickness.

We will need the delivery area to quote : a Postcode will be fine and an optional telephone number 

is useful to contact you on for an inquiry or order query. 

We have had to start asking for more detail at this stage as we have had a number of inquiries recently

which seem to be speculative .

Just a reminder below of whats on our home page : your help in leaving a message or a text if we miss your call is appreciated

We don,t have the best telephone reception where we are or may be in the workshop just missing your call : 

Please don't hesitate to leave a message and we will telephone you back ,

European main dealer supply that we would be using to obtain parts from has recently been moved from the UK to Germany

possibly linked to the falling pound value and the huge demand in Europe and the Scandinavian countries for RC Lasers.

This may cause some hiccups in parts supply in the interim but rest assured RC Laser parts are readily available worldwide.

The overall demand for spare parts is relatively low considering the number of active fleets around the country a testament

to the longevity and design of the boat .

Servos, Tx and Rx or any other requirement not listed please contact me