5. Historic News

 Preston Guild 2012
 Preston Guild is held every 20yrs as a celebration of a Charter granted in 1179 by King Henry ll to regulate and control Merchants in the Borough of Preston. The guild has been celebrated every 20 years since 1542, with the exception of 1942.
What has this to do with us, I hear you ask
Preston Marine Services Ltd, the Dock concessionaires, are offering a prize for RC Lasers in a competition on the Dock on Sunday 9th September
Preston Dock is one of the best sailing waters in the NW of England. There is a local cafe, fast food and supermarkets.
The water is deep and weed free, the skippers area is elevated, and launching is easy and safe
Sunday 9th September
Preston Dock
The Preston Marina Trophy for RC Lasers
Briefing 10.15 Start time 10.30 no race after 3.30 approx
Pre-enter via agkissick@gmail.com if you can, but entries on the day will be accepted
There is no entry fee
There may be a few changes from normal: for instance, regardless of the size of entry, we will sail as one fleet; we may use the Rigged Start System, and windward/leeward may dominate depending on wind direction
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to promote our sport during a Guild Celebration
There is a Dinghy Competition at the east end of the Dock organised by Blackpool & Fleetwood Sailing Club, so interest should be high. Their participation on the water should not infringe of our sailing area
Please make a special effort to support this special event
The event is sponsored by Preston Marine Services Ltd and organised by RC Lasers.com