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National TT 2012

The National TT Series is arranged by the Class Association so that skippers in each area of the country can invite, and compete against, skippers from different areas, on local waters.

As far as is possible, the Clubs that have been selected are of a known pedigree, so the racing ought to be good. The dates have been chosen to try to make allowances for water temperature, and thus weed, as well local activity.
For 2012, the TT Series takes on a special significance. The results will form the basis for a Ranking System, from which skippers will be invited to attend the 2013 'Championship of Nations' at West Lancs YC, Southport. This  Ranking List will become active once the total numbers of places available for UK helms becomes known.

Additional races will also count, including the National Championships and the ND Championships. 
The dates for the 2012 National TT Races are currently as follows:-
March 10th   Saturday       Kingsmill
April    15th   Sunday         Keighley
May    19th   Saturday       Gosport
June    17th   Sunday         Fleetwood
July     28th   Saturday       Poole
Aug     28th   Sunday         Chichester (provisional)
Sept    23rd   Sunday         Ayr Bay  at Castle Semple
Current additional races towards the Ranking list:-
Sept   22/23rd   Sat/Sunday    Castle Semple   National Championship    
Oct     28th       Sunday          Fleetwood          ND Championship  
You will note that the Nationals will double up on the Sunday. You will be allowed to to race the Sunday only as a National TT race, but a decision has been taken that the entry fee will be the same as for the two days of the Nationals. In other words it is in your interests to be at the National Championships; you get the Nationals and the National TT for the same price!