RC Lasers
October-March 2008/9
Northern District Winter
Travelers Trophy Series
Racing for the Link Trophy 

A Brief History of the series and some general comments

This is the third year of the current ND Winter TT Series and the busiest so far, with 6 venues.
We sail for the Link Trophy, presented by Andrew Kissick, to promote better understanding between model and dinghy sailors; thus the ‘linking’ with Dinghy Clubs.

If you know of any other Dinghy Club that would like to host a round in 2009/10 please contact Andy. Any RC Laser sailor is welcome to attend

There is a Club boat available if you know someone who wants to ‘have a go’. Contact Colin on 01524 33903 to arrange. (NB Club insurance covers use of this boat third party)

There is a slightly unusual addition to the normal scoring system. Because we want to encourage skippers to lend boats should the occasion arise, a skipper lending a boat will score either the actual finish position, or his average score, whichever is better. In other words, the lending skipper will not lose out by his actions.

The dates between the TT events will be sailed at Lancaster Club at Carnforth. Any RC Laser sailor is welcome to join the Lancaster Winter Series.

Please note that all competitors must have 3rd party insurance. This is available through Colin, well in advance to allow for the post, @ £6.50 pa. This is the standard MYA Club insurance scheme. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are covered, and a requirement to compete.

Briefings are at 10.15 with the start at 10.30. Last race approx 3pm with a short lunch break
Note that Lancaster breifing will be at 10.30 with the start soon afterwards (the site doesn't open till 10am)

Make certain that you check the website for any last minute changes before travelling just in case of any problems

For club/site location see below

Entry fee:- £2.00/boat/race day pay on entry
Prize giving @ Lancaster 29th March 2009

50% of the entry fee is donated to the host Club, so if you would like to donate a prize for any of the race days, please contact Andy Kissick 01995 643043 after 8.30pm or agkissick@aol.com A bottle of wine or similar is good

Dates and venues for the TT and the Club series

Oct 19th TT Lancaster
26th Club Lancaster
Nov 2nd TT Preston
9th Club Lancaster
16th TT WLYC
23rd Club Lancaster
30th TT Keighley
Dec 7th Club Lancaster
14th TT Fleetwood
21st Club Lancaster

Christmas/New Year break

Jan 4th Club Lancaster
11th Club Lancaster
18th TT Southport SC
25th Club Lancaster
Feb 1st Club Lancaster
8th TT Keighley
15th Club Lancaster
22nd Club Lancaster
Mar 1st TT WLYC
8th Club Lancaster
15th TT Preston
22nd Club Lancaster
29th TT Lancaster
with TT prize giving

10 races 5 to count

In the event of a tie; the next best result and so on until the tie is broken

some dates have changed - so update your diaries

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