Winter 2011/12  RC Laser Northern District events
Pre Christmas Racing for the Link Trophy
A new Trophy has been presented for the post Christmas Series

The Link Trophy is currently held by Andy Kissick 2010/11 winner


As the RC Laser has gained ground in the NW of England, and the various skippers have diversified around the area, it has become clear that a means of keeping skippers in contact with each other was becoming more pressing.
Each Club runs its own affairs, and traditionally they tend to go their own way when organising programmes, paying little regard to other local clubs. In an effort to counter this trend have, for the past few of years, organised both Winter and Summer Travellers Series, taking in the local hot spots.
You will note that most of the dates, with perhaps an odd exception are Sundays
With only a third of events needed to qualify it should make it easy to stay in the running, many skippers will sail in many more so to give yourself the best opportunity - sail in them ALL!!

All these dates are open to all skippers

Sailing information
Standard S.I. as relevant to RCLaser Association events will apply. Association Membership while not compulsory is recommended. Public Liability insurance is compulsory.

As with all these events a skipper competes by his own choice and the organisers cannot be responsible for the actions of competitors.

If there is a keen non boat owner, it may be possible to find a boat for them to borrow. Contact Andy at Andrew George Boat Bits prior to the event.
It will not be unusual for a competitor to act as start / finish judge, with the winner taking the positions of the rest of the fleet!

If as a competitor you lend your boat, please ensure the finish judge is aware, because the lending skipper will score either the actual finishing place or their average score up to that point in the days racing, whichever is better. In this way the skipper is not penalised for lending their boat to an interested spectator.

Racing will start at 10.30 and no race will normally start after 3pm. though if it's good, we sometimes go on till 3.30!  If the weather is awful, and there is 100% support, it has been known for sailing to stop when enthusiasm runs out.

Entry fees will be £3.00 per boat for each race day, with simple prizes each event. There will be series prizes as well. There is no need to pre-enter although announcing your intention to race on the forum will be useful for the organising body.

These events are aimed at giving skippers the chance to race together, socialise and keep up to date with with events in the area and further afield. Its always good to have other skippers around if you have a problem to solve.


The below is the list of the proposed ND Winter TT events. Each of the clubs has its own web site with listings of their club races throughout the year so you can get a full picture of Northern District activity.

Check this site before travelling , in case of any late changes

 Date                                    Place

9th Oct                  Sunday                  Lytham Fairhaven Lake     confirmed

23rd Oct                Sunday                 Fleetwood                            confirmed    (this is running concurrently with

                                                                                                                                 the Club Series)

6th Nov                   Sunday                 Lytham Fairhaven Lake      confirmed

20th Nov                 Sunday                West Lancs YC                    confirmed

4th Dec                  Sunday                 Lytham Fairhaven Lake      confirmed

18th Dec                Sunday                West Lancs YC                     confirmed     

Only two races needed to qualify, but you may well need more!

 The Link Trophy will be presented after racing at the end of the West Lancs event 

A new trophy has been presented for the post Christmas Series

These dates and venues are provisional unless listed as confirmed

Check this site before travelling, in case of any late changes

8th Jan                     Sunday                Lytham Fairhaven Lake       confirmed       Lytham, Fairhaven Lake

22nd Jan                  Sunday               Delph SC                               confirmed

5th Feb                     SUNDAY           WEST LANCS                      confirmed       Southport 


19th Feb                   Sunday              Blackpool & Fylde                  confirmed       Lytham, Fairhaven Lake

4th Mar                     Sunday             Blackpool & Fylde                    confirmed       Lytham, Fairhaven Lake

             Please not the change of venue

18th Mar                   Sunday              Fleetwood                               confirmed          Series prizegiving after racing

Only three races needed to qualify, but you may well need more!

Check the website before travelling for any last minute changes
10.15 briefing for 10.30 start.
No race will normally start after 3pm

There is a link to Google Maps for each venue on the Calendar so you can see the venue before you travel