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WLYC 24hr Race 2010

24hr race 2010
For the second year we attended the race at West Lancs.
Typically well organised, the race is still very popular, even after 43yrs of its existance. Originally put on as a one off to celebrate the Centenary of the town of Southport, it sort of just grew.
Andy Kissick and Dave Fowler were the main organisers on our behalf. Ably assisted by Daves wife, Diane ( nice breakfast Di), and Dianes son Mark, who were there from Friday lunch till the end; and many other Laser skippers, some who were there last year and some, like Peter Iles, who are new to our ranks. A very big than you to you all. Another very big thank you to all the skippers who lent boats, some who were not themselves able to attend, but trusted us not to wreak their pride and joy!
We had 10 boats available, and they were on the water almost continually. Dave sorted out a rota system for the visitors which worked very well, with each group session ending with a race. This proved very popular and re-enforced the reason for Laser ownership. The Saturday evening was dedicated to team racing, won by Birmingham University.
The wind was kind to strong, and in respect to the boat owners, we spent most of the weekend in C rigs, with a bit of D on the Sunday. The standard of sailing was really quite good from those who had done a bit, and even those who were completly new had a good time.
We are still not quite up to speed with selling the raffle tickets, though we did manage 50% more than last year, and took in the region of £400. Not bad at all considering that we were just one of many charity groups trying to get money from these present.
It is pleasing to report that one of the younger visitors, who had spent all his pocket money, and a bit more, on raffle tickets, was the winner of the boat. Hopefully Liam will join us on the Northern circuit, if he can get his mum to drive him around!
For those Association members who agreed that the Association should fund the bulk of the prize, you may rest assured that it was money very well spent. We made a lot of new friends, and cemented the friendships from last year. As an advert for the Class, it was money well spend indeed.
During the whole weekend, the only damage was water in one rudder servo and one transmitter. We didn't even break a single sheet line! Don't let anyone tell you these boats are not tough.
Lets wait and see

24hr race 2009

A very good weekend.
Andy, Dave F, Fred C and Tom 
turned up on Friday at lunchtime to set up the site. A green and white gazeebo in the corner by the sluice gates became home until the Sunday afternoon.
By Friday evening a very tired group of owners had set up and already sailed about 40 interested parties.
The weekend really got going on Saturday morning.
Andy and Dave were up and running by 8.30 and a whole group of owners turned up as the day went along. We had 12 boats sailing almost continually from about 9am till we called it a day at about 7.30.
At one point Sheffield Hallam University had challenged Birmingham to a team race and before it was over, Durham turned up to race the winners! We have no idea at all who won: I suspect that they don't either. Truth is the RC Laser won because they had a whale of a time.
Having decided not to put boats on the water till 9am on the Sunday, by 8.15 there were 9 boats drifting around the course in the very light wind. This wind picked up as the sea breeze kicked in and the boats were kept busy untill 12noon, the official end of the 24hr race.
As a rough estimate about 400 different people, mostly dinghy sailors 'had a go'. I can recall just one who didn't like it!
The raffle prize, a complete boat very generously donated by Nigel at Peterkin, was drawn immediatly before the main prizegiving and won by a sailor from Wallasey.  Next job is to get a fleet at New Brighton!
Very many thanks to all the boat owners who lent their boats and turned up to help  for no reward except the benefit of our class.
There was praise from all sections of people at the race and as a PR excercise, I suspect that it will prove to be the most sucessful ever.
Maybe the best news of all....... the only breakage was a couple of peices of sheeting. Yes folks, the boats are reliable and tough.
The final take for the raffle, after the only expence claimed, the cost of the raffle tickets, was £349.00 split between Sail4Cancer and the ME Association.
Should you like to add your own comments on the weekend please send them to the webmaster.
Sail4cancer have put a short article on their site
It looks like we will be invited back in 2010

We were!