Frequency Information

There are various frequencies allowed for UK sailing, they are: 2.4GHz, 40MHz am and fm, 27MHz and UHF. 

UHF  -  This is a rather old style frequency and very little used.

27MHz  -  Originally 6 channels (solid colours) expanded to 13. Unfortunately most toys (cars, boats etc) use this frequency range, albeit at a low power so interference is possible. The toys tend to use the solid colours. Some new boats are supplied with this kit and it is normally trouble free.

40MHz (am)  - The cheapest form and is readily available. Some new boats have this gear and it is remarkably trouble free
40MHz (fm) -   More expensive but a little less prone to interference. 
The same am and fm 40MHz  frequency cannot be used at the same time - they do interfere with each other
Individual sets of crystals need to be purchased for both 27 and 40 MHz sets, Usually recommended to have a minimum of 3 sets of crystals available
Certain 40MHz frequencies are for UK use only and not to be used in mainland Europe.

2.4GHz  - The latest frequency available - tends to come with a minimun of 4 channels, we are only allowed to use 2 of them. The kit doesn't use crystals but self aligns - there are uip to about 200 available channels in this range. 
The basic sets are still a little more expensive than the 40MHz kit, but when you take account of the cost of crystals it does make good sense. Some of the digital computerised versions can be very expensive.

Note - 35Mhz equipment is available but for aircraft use only so MUST NOT be used. 
           Occasionally other frequencies appear but are not legal for use except by special governmental permission.

The following tables show all the current crystals for 27 and 40MHz with their frequencies and channel number.

If you have any different information please let us know - these are correct to the best of our knowledge but as always E and OE.