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Rygged Start

The full version of the Rygged Start, developed by Ian Taylor, is available on the Lee Valley link

The whole idea is to help the new sailor to feel more comfortable.
The start of a race is the time most new starters feel intimidated. You will have noticed how they tend to hold back.
As a consequence, they are always at the back, and it takes a long time to learn.
The Rygged Start, far from an insult as to their ability, is aimed to help in a very constructive way.
By starting early, the newcomer can get clear of the start line before the pressure of the mass start. It is very noticable that as the fleet catches up, the new sailer is more able to copy and to keep up. In this way, their learning curve is much improved.
If you do not wish to use the full system, it is quite easy to shorten it. Simply tell the new sailor to start on 30 seconds! As they improve, reduce this to 20 seconds and so on. It's amazing, by the end of a full days racing, they will be starting with the fleet.